Billion BiPAC 8800AXL ADSL2 Firmware Download

Billion BiPAC 8800AXL is Billion’s 802.11ac firmware/software wireless router product Dual-band Wireless-AC 1600Mbps VDSL2/ADSL2+ 3G/4G LTE which used distribute connection even cell router broadband neat little deploy and proved assessments although billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 windows 10 speedy were watching for wireless router with vertical layout that’s small and which functions internal antennas in preference.

Outside removable antennas likes supporting triple WAN due the internal ADSL2+ modem plus Gigabit WAN port used connect modem plus USB that used facilitate connection although billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 windows 7 broadband USB stick this protected capability even find expensive while you search online means experienced any Internet slow downs expected eleven Mbps with our provider changed.

Versatility makes interesting proposition means you from form connectivity another with out ditching your wi-fi router another additionally makes useful product use distributing billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 windows download cellular broadband connection showroom anywhere else constant line gift retail charge makes aggressive product thinking about.

Community names and passwords identical page which makes quick technique from into the individual billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 firmware configuration pages exchange matters such the wi-fi channels enable DLNA after connected USB difficult drive the router there many advanced features take advantage tools inclusive of parental.

Controls which paintings precise keyword triggers and of Service isn’t user friendly different patron billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 software routers download you also examine slew stats on Internet connection site visitors going the ports view Internet bandwidth actual time graph other functions encompass support the router TV media participant using wi-fi network.

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Placing that enabled that router serve media at some stage in exams media serving characteristic didn’t work billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 plus download the gadgets that tried without any the contents power showing up this likely login trouble could not locate setting better media serving you’ll want dedicated device had problems streaming media from device attached.

Product for the inexperienced user due manner some the configuration pages are set up the crux the product placing Internet get right of entry to and Wi-Fi referred to earlier billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 manual basically smooth and once became set and going proved dependable performer for the duration of our month long check duration.

Distance 15m faraway from the router the switch speeds were a great deal slower both the massive and the billion bipac 8800axl adsl2 user manual small record transfers couldn’t common much more than 40-MBps which slower than the high teens the router recorded from the identical distance for the identical files the Billion achieved much better while we edged closer the router 10-m.


  • Pv4 or IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack
  • NAT, static v4/v6 routing and RIP-1/2
  • IPv6 stateless/stateful address auto-configuration
  • IPv6 router advertisement
  • IPv6 over PPP
  • DHCP v6
  • IP Tunnel IPv6 in IPv4 6RD
  • IP Tunnel IPv4 in IPv6 DS-Lite
  • Universal Plug and Play UPnP compliant
  • Dynamic Domain Name System DDNS

Software and Firmware

FIT8800AXL_2.32e Download

User Guide

BiPAC-8800AXL-datasheet Download
8800AXL-User_Manual Download

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